Our team has been watching the forums and there are a lot of questions regarding using Silverlight with WCF and data services, HTTP questions and security questions. We created some new topics and updated existing topics to better cover these areas for the Silverlight 2 release, however it would appear that most folks haven't found these topics. Here are some links:

  • HTTP Communication and Security with Silverlight covers pretty much what the title says it does; Silverlight HTTP capabilities and security considerations.
  • Accessing Web Services in Silverlight contains links to a bunch of topics on WCF services, including more security
  • Security contains links to topics that cover application security, HTTP security and sockets security. This topics contains many of the same links you'll find in the other two, but we wanted to make this info discoverable in one location.
  • ADO.NET Data Services contains links to topics on building Silverlight applications that communicate with ADO.NET data services.

Please take a minute to check out these topics and provide feedback to us in the form of MSDN ratings and comments.