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  • Blog Post: SLLauncher Error Messages

    Silverlight uses the sllauncher.exe tool to install, run, and uninstall out-of-browser applications. Additionally, Visual Studio 2010 uses this tool to run out-of-browser applications in emulation mode to enable debugging. You will not typically use this tool directly unless you need to perform these...
  • Blog Post: Example Code for Using Webcams in Silverlight 4

    XAML < UserControl x : Class ="WebcamCapture.MainPage" xmlns = xmlns : x = xmlns : d = xmlns : mc =
  • Blog Post: Breaking Changes Document Errata (Silverlight 4)

    No errata at this time.
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Plug-in Error Messages

    This topic lists the error messages that come from the native code implementation of the Silverlight plug-in, and the native code level of the object tree and the XAML parser. The error messages are mainly relevant if you use the JavaScript API technique for error handling ( OnError ) or for general...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 Beta Breaking Changes Corrections/Additions

    No corrections at this time for the Breaking Changes document. On a related subject, you can see a list of some of the Silverlight 3 Beta bugs that might trip you up.
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 Beta Bugs

    Below is a list of Silverlight 3 Beta bugs you might run into. The plan is for at least most of these to be fixed at some point in the future. Note: there are only a few bugs listed at the moment. I'll probably post more later. Removing an Offline Application on a Mac might leave the install...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Bugs and Workarounds

    There are a number of bugs in Silverlight and/or in the web browsers which Silverlight is designed to run in that might trip you up. Below is a rough list of many of these bugs along with workarounds (when available). Note: I list the bug status to give folks an idea of whether these issues are truly...
  • Blog Post: Additional Navigation Resources

    The following blog posts provide several examples of INavigationContentLoader implementations: Introduction to INavigationContentLoader Event-Based and Error-Handling INavigationContentLoaders Authentication/Authorization in an INavigationContentLoader On-demand loading of assemblies with...
  • Blog Post: DataGrid Beta 2 Breaking Changes

    This topic discusses the changes made to the Silverlight DataGrid control between the Microsoft Silverlight 2 Beta 1 and the Beta 2 releases. The changes discussed in this article are focused on changes that might cause your older Silverlight-based applications to now fail or behave differently, not...
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