Free! Building Games: Data Structures in C++ Presentation in XAML or HTML 5! Free yourself!

Free! Building Games: Data Structures in C++ Presentation in XAML or HTML 5! Free yourself!

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Oh what a great day it is when you see that C++ can work directly with XAML or through WinRT with JavaScript.  Amazing!


he best example of a XAML based game with C++ and DirectX is the one found at:

There is an error in the code use the error list when it appears and then comment or delete the lines:

DisplayProperties::DisplayContentsInvalidated += ref new DisplayPropertiesEventHandlethis, App::OnDisplayContentsInvalidated);

This is a fun game and you can get the full version from the Microsoft Store for $5.99.  What’s cool is that is supports 3D.  But wow, it’s complicated.

So how do you get started?

Take a look at my blog at:

Data Structures: Using WinRT with XAML/C# as a Presentation UI

Which is kind of cool, it shows how to demonstrate an array in C++ with XAML!  You could add cool images and have some fun with it.  But seriously it isn’t a game.  Oh wait a minute that was the wrong URL.  Let’s try again…

Data Structures class using Windows 8 and WinRT with JavaScript an introduction

JavaScript and C++

Tutorial: Walkthrough: Creating a basic Windows Runtime component in C++ and calling it from JavaScript

This is a good tutorial, I was able to complete it successfully on the first run and in about 20 minutes.  Nice example of AMP, using Parallel processing and finding primes.  I will go over the code in later blogs, but this is the one that shows you how to pass information between WinRT and javascript, which is trickier than VB or C#.

It also does snap, fill and full.  It actually looks better in snap view then it does in full view.  Here it is in snap view.


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  • Cool thanks for this, planning on giving it a go.

  • Thank you Glenn!

    Hope your company is doing well!  You are the best.


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