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  • Blog Post: Hosting WCF NetTcp services in Azure with a Silverlight client

    Just published a blog post on how to host WCF NetTcp services in Windows Azure and use them from a Silverlight client. Check it out here!
  • Blog Post: Dynamically updating proxy address for staging/production

    I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while, but Tim Heuer beat me to it. His post shows how to dynamically change the endpoint definition when switching from staging to production, while still taking advantage of .clientConfig. This could be especially useful in environments such as Windows Azure. Also...
  • Blog Post: PollingDuplex scaling in Windows Azure

    One of the great sessions at this year’s PDC talked about a collaboration between Invensys and Microsoft’s DPE team to build a solution that can deliver energy pricing information to a variety of clients, using a duplex message pattern. Effectively Invensys used a WCF service hosted in a Windows Azure...
  • Blog Post: Using WCF services from Silverlight in Azure

    With all the buzz around Windows Azure , you may have wondered how to host your Silverlight application in the cloud. Since Silverlight controls are essentially static content, hosting them is as easy as uploading some files to the cloud. When it comes to building WCF services to provide data to your...
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