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  • Blog Post: Debugging WCF services in Silverlight

    Hi folks – check out this new SilverlightTV video, going over some of the common errors you may encounter when using WCF services from Silverlight: Silverlight TV 46: What's Wrong with my WCF Service? Direct link Cheers, -Yavor Georgiev Program Manager, WCF
  • Blog Post: Improving the performance of web services in SL3 Beta

    Silverlight 3 Beta introduces a new way to improve the performance of web services. You have all probably used the Silverlight-enabled WCF Service item template in Visual Studio to create a WCF web service, and then used the Add Service Reference command in your Silverlight application project in order...
  • Blog Post: Using WCF services from Silverlight in Azure

    With all the buzz around Windows Azure , you may have wondered how to host your Silverlight application in the cloud. Since Silverlight controls are essentially static content, hosting them is as easy as uploading some files to the cloud. When it comes to building WCF services to provide data to your...
  • Blog Post: What's new with web services in Silverlight 3 Beta

    Silverlight 3 beta comes with a set of exciting web services features that address key customer requests. Binary message encoding In Silverlight 2 the only supported binding was BasicHttpBinding, which encodes outgoing messages as text and sends them over an HTTP transport. This binding is great...
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