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  • Blog Post: Debugging WCF services in Silverlight

    Hi folks – check out this new SilverlightTV video, going over some of the common errors you may encounter when using WCF services from Silverlight: Silverlight TV 46: What's Wrong with my WCF Service? Direct link Cheers, -Yavor Georgiev Program Manager, WCF
  • Blog Post: Cross-domain file for self-hosted TCP services

    With the new transport (TCP) added in SL4, and a few people started asking how to serve the cross-domain policy file if the TCP service is self-hosted (like the same issue for cross-domain calls to self-hosted HTTP services). I published a new post to address this issue, again just using the web programming...
  • Blog Post: Policy file for NetTcp

    As part of Silverlight 4, developers can now use the NetTcp framing protocol for their web services. This is an addition that we expect a lot of you will find useful. However, many of you will probably hit the dreaded CommunicationException that lurks the unsuspecting developer as soon as he tries to...
  • Blog Post: Debugging Web Service Usage in Silverlight 2

    (Cross-posted from ) Silverlight 2 Beta1 makes it easy to use Web Services based on either the WCF technology (Windows Communication Foundation), the “.asmx” technology (ASP.NET Web Services), or practically any other SOAP platform...
  • Blog Post: Nice overview of Silverlight HTTP stack

    Karen Corby, PM working on the Silverlight 2 HTTP stack, posts an awesome overview. Her first post covers the site-of-origin policy (also known as the cross-domain restriction) and the two APIs used for HTTP communication: WebClient and HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse.
  • Blog Post: Some tips on cross-domain calls

    Recently I have been seeing forum questions on, where people are having trouble with the Silverlight's treatment of cross-domain calls. I wanted go over the cross-domain restriction and share two tips that might help when using cross-domain web services in Visual Studio. What is this...
  • Blog Post: Cross domain policy files in self-hosted services

    One interesting question from the WCF forums: how to enable the cross-domain calls to self-hosted services, if there isn't an "easy" place to put the clientaccesspolicy.xml (or crossdomain.xml) as there is on IIS? The post at
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