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  • Blog Post: Two samples from today's MIX talk

    Thanks to the folks who attended my talk at MIX 2010 today. As promised, I'm posting the two samples I showed. I'll post an update when the video from my talk is available, so folks who couldn't attend can see it. Local Search I built a Silverlight application that runs on Windows Phone 7. It's...
  • Blog Post: What's new with web services in Silverlight 3 Beta

    Silverlight 3 beta comes with a set of exciting web services features that address key customer requests. Binary message encoding In Silverlight 2 the only supported binding was BasicHttpBinding, which encodes outgoing messages as text and sends them over an HTTP transport. This binding is great...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Web Services MIX 08 Talk

    Here's a link to Eugene's MIX 08 talk called " Working with Data and Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight 2 ". Great overview of the Web Services support in SL 2 Beta 1. Yavor Georgiev Program Manager Connected Framework
  • Blog Post: Welcome!

    Welcome to the new Silverlight Web Services Team blog. We are the team at Microsoft that delivers web service and syndication support in Silverlight (SL). Our features sit on top of the SL HTTP stack, and enable SL controls to access SOAP services and POX/JSON services, as well as RSS and Atom syndication...
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