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  • Blog Post: Hosting WCF NetTcp services in Azure with a Silverlight client

    Just published a blog post on how to host WCF NetTcp services in Windows Azure and use them from a Silverlight client. Check it out here!
  • Blog Post: Cross-domain file for self-hosted TCP services

    With the new transport (TCP) added in SL4, and a few people started asking how to serve the cross-domain policy file if the TCP service is self-hosted (like the same issue for cross-domain calls to self-hosted HTTP services). I published a new post to address this issue, again just using the web programming...
  • Blog Post: Policy file for NetTcp

    As part of Silverlight 4, developers can now use the NetTcp framing protocol for their web services. This is an addition that we expect a lot of you will find useful. However, many of you will probably hit the dreaded CommunicationException that lurks the unsuspecting developer as soon as he tries to...
  • Blog Post: Some known WCF issues in Silverlight 4

    When shipping a product, there are always a handful of painful issues that we unfortunately cannot fix due to schedule pressure. One thing we can do is blog about these issues early and provide workarounds, so customers don’t have to spend countless hours debugging. Here is the list of known issues...
  • Blog Post: MIX 2010 talk: what’s new in WCF in Silverlight 4

    I just realized I never got around to posting this. Here is a link to our presentation at MIX 2010 . Cheers, -Yavor Georgiev Program Manager, WCF
  • Blog Post: Two samples from today's MIX talk

    Thanks to the folks who attended my talk at MIX 2010 today. As promised, I'm posting the two samples I showed. I'll post an update when the video from my talk is available, so folks who couldn't attend can see it. Local Search I built a Silverlight application that runs on Windows Phone 7. It's...
  • Blog Post: PDC presentation and demo

    Here is my presentation at last week’s PDC conference about what’s new in networking and web services in Silverlight 4 Beta. At the beginning of the talk I refer to WCF RIA Services, which is not covered in detail in the talk itself, but it is covered in these two other PDC talks: Building Amazing Business...
  • Blog Post: New Web Services Features in Silverlight 4 Beta

    This morning at PDC ’09 ScottGu just announced the availability of Silverlight 4 Beta. Later on today I am going on to present the latest improvements around networking and web services and I’ll link to the full talk as soon as it is available online. In this post I’ll provide a quick summary of today...
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