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January, 2008

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    To AJAX, or not to AJAX - rendering in ASP.NET MVC

    One issue I have had on numerous customer engagements is that there has been a good opportunity to use AJAX functionality, but I need to support a significant user base that cannot use Javascript. Typically this is to meet accessibility requirements ...
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    Testing WCF Services

    I was recently present at an internal demonstration by Rob Jarratt of a tool to generate unit tests for WCF services from just the message trace files... and it has just been released to codeplex ! The tool integrates with Visual Studio 2005 or 2008,...
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    Why choose WPF?

    In case you missed it one of the other guys in my team – specifically Josh - has just finished writing an excellent series of blog posts entitled “ 10 reasons to consider WPF for your next desktop application ”. I’ve enjoyed reading it – so I highly...
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    AJAX support in the ASP.NET MVC Framework

    [ Edit : Note that this post is based on a pre-release, and now out of date CTP of the MVC framework. I'd suggest you use it to understand concepts, but look elsewhere now if you're after up to date facts. I've recently added a post about Virtual Earth...
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