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February, 2008

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    Adding messages to a Validation Summary

    For a while now I’ve used this handy bit of code to add a message programmatically to a Validation Summary control, without associating it with a Validator. I’ve no idea where it came from – perhaps my head, perhaps someone cleverer than I... so if it...
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    Multiple Views with MVC

    In my previous two posts ( one and two ) discussing the use of AJAX within an ASP.NET MVC Framework application, I’ve tried to demonstrate some ways that the framework can be extended or modified. In keeping with this approach, I thought I’d show how...
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    Web Client Software Factory February 2008 Ships!

    Great news from Glenn ... The WCSF February 2008 release (i.e. 2.0) has just shipped. Check out the landing page and the community site . This release has addressed many of the top feature requests, supports Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5, includes...
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    MVC and Unity

    Well it’s a week of news; Scott Guthrie has posted an update on the ASP.NET MVC Framework roadmap , and the Unity Dependency Injection Framework has just released a CTP (via Grigori )... What’s more, David Hayden is first out of the gate with a...
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    February 2008 GAX and GAT

    Just a quick note as I’ve had my body pretty much surgically attached to my laptop and various (geeky) books recently... normal service will be resumed soon hopefully J Anyway, some great news for Software Factories; the Guidance Automation Extensions...
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    WCSF 2.0 Around the Corner

    If you haven’t found it already, Glenn Block has posted a great summary of what is included in the Web Client Software Factory 2.0 ... which is apparently just around the corner. And Paulo Morgado has been posting all sorts of demo code relating to...
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