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August, 2008

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    Strongly Typed Primitives

    No, I’m not talking about NEANDERTHALS (there’s a joke in there somewhere), but rather a technique that a colleague of mine, Josh Twist , has recently blogged about – “ Avoiding Primitive Obsession to tip developers into the pit of success ”. I’d always...
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    The “Service Interface” Pattern

    I am constantly surprised when speaking with people how few have heard of or use the “Service Interface” pattern. It is actually a very straightforward pattern, is very little work to use, but brings such practical, quantifiable, visible, benefits I think...
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    p&p Sharepoint Guidance

    Via Blaine’s post (that gives quite a lot of information on what is included and what their plans are), the patterns & practices Sharepoint Guidance is starting to take shape, with a drop to codeplex having arrived this week . Be sure to check it...
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