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December, 2008

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    Blueprints Example: View-Presenter, Part 2

    This article follows on from part 1 , so make sure you know how far we got. Basically we can generate a project according to our required template, so next we want to be able to add a new View-Presenter enabled Web Page to the project. We’ll do this...
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    Blueprints Example: View-Presenter, Part 1

    I’m sure I’ve warned you before – I’m a big believer in Software Factories… but I’ve been quiet about this for a while now. That’s because I’ve been waiting for the ‘next big thing’… enter stage left: “Blueprints”! I had the pleasure of attending a...
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    Are you using the WCSF?

    Have you been using the Web Client Software Factory ? Or have you tried it and not adopted it? Or have you used some of the bundle content but not the whole factory? Michael Puleio has just started a thread on codeplex requesting feedback on who is...
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    AJAX Script Patterns: Service Agent

    I’ve been thinking for a while about how people tend to build AJAX applications, as there seems to be something a lot of people have forgotten. This post examines how applying a pattern you probably know very well to AJAX could help – and leaves it to...
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