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April, 2009

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    foreach keyword or ForEach<T> extension method?

    Is this a question of taste, or something more serious? [ Warning : this post won’t change your life J ] I found myself writing the following extension method yet again the other day; public static void ForEach<T>( this IEnumerable <T>...
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    Flattening XML Data in SQL Server

    If you’ve got some XML data in a SQL Server column, how can you flatten it out and query it or present it as though it was relational data? It turns out this is quite easy... Setup Let’s create a simple table to hold our data; CREATE TABLE XmlSourceTable...
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    Visual Studio Team System 2010: Tick, tock, tick, tock...

    As the beta 1 drop of Visual Studio Team System 2010 approaches, Brian Harry has a great little summary of the high level new feature areas we’re delivering. Check it out here . There are some great nuggets in there, so I’m really looking forward to...
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    Auditing Data Changes in the Entity Framework: Part 2

    In my previous post I described the basic concept behind my auditing approach using the Entity Framework, and covered some of the problems I encountered. This post focuses on the solution I went with; do feel free to comment if you have any thoughts....
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    Auditing Data Changes in the Entity Framework: Part 1

    If you’ve read my last post on Types of Auditing , you should be primed for this one; I’m looking at a way to do Data Operation Auditing in the Entity Framework. That is, I want to track who changes which tables & columns , when , and in what way...
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    Types of Auditing

    Auditing almost means something different to everyone I speak to... just a few things people mean when they say “our system has auditing” to me are; Business Operation Auditing . This is recording when a business operation is performed, such as “Hire...
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    Performance, Scalability, and Stability

    I spend quite a lot of time nowadays advising on architecting applications to be scalable, recommending performance testing approaches and processes, and being called in to help an organisation remediate problems with an existing application. It’s one...
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