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June, 2009

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    Running two Visual Studio 2008 configurations side-by-side

    Recently I’ve come across a requirement to easily switch between two Visual Studio 2008 configurations. I might need these two configurations open at the same time (so can’t just manually edit settings in Tools->Options), and don’t want any lengthy...
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    Using Anchor Links with AJAX History

    A customer asked me about doing this the other day, and I’d never come across it, although it seems obvious now! If I have a page that makes use of ASP.NET’s server-side ScriptManager AJAX history features but also want to link to an anchor on that page...
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    Blueprints Update

    This is late news as I’ve been busy recently, but if you’ve been following Blueprints make sure you read Michael’s post here . They’re evolving into something else, that I’m sure will be even more exciting... I’ll be staying tuned so no doubt I’ll...
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