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January, 2010

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    Generic or Specific Routes?

    A topic of discussion I've heard a few times when using Routing in ASP.NET concerns whether you should use the default generic route pattern for most of your controllers, or whether you should specify individual routes for every action. (this applies...
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    View Models in ASP.NET MVC

    Q : Should I have a view Model in my ASP.NET MVC architecture? A : Yes. Well, that was a short post! J Being more serious, this is an interesting topic that the advisors and p&p team discussed a few times while they were building the Reference...
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    Check out the Web Client Guidance

    If you've not come across the Web Client Guidance that patterns & practices have been working on, now is the time to head on over to their CodePlex site; The team have been really busy pulling together...
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    Know what your SQL Database is doing

    Ryan Simpson is one of my colleagues in the UK ADC team... and he has recently blogged a great little post about some of the tools we use with customers when we have them in Reading for a scalability or performance lab. Make sure you check it out here;...
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    Silverlight Binding Catastrophe

    You can tell it's the first day back after a 2 week vacation/holiday/beer-and-food-fuelled-break when it takes you an hour to work out why something like this isn't working... but on reflection, I decided that this was actually very tricky to spot once...
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    Closure Exposure: A JavaScript Scope Trick

    You might have seen some JavaScript is wrapped up in funny looking functions, such as this screen shot, and wondered why – even parts of the Microsoft Ajax Framework previews use such an approach. At first it can seem very strange, but don't worry – it...
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