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February, 2010

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    Handling errors with jQuery.load

    I've just posted a very simple walkthrough of the different ways to handle errors when you're using jQuery's ".load" function to do partial rendering... it's on our team blog so check it out here;
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    How much does Bing Maps cost?

    I've been asked this a few times by people thinking about integrating the Bing Maps platform into their apps. Disclaimer : Consult the documentation as the authority, not my blog! Links inline... So the answer is – "it could be free for you" . In...
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    How to do Claims-Based Security in .NET

    Windows Identity Foundation has been around for a while now, and "Claims Based Security" is the cool kid that everyone wants to be friends with. The problem is that everyone (except Zulfiqar who speaks SAML natively) seems to think this stuff is impenetrably...
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    Packaging UI Components in MVC

    Something I get asked by most customers starting out with ASP.NET MVC is how they should package, group, factor, and reuse their UI components. We're all used to thinking about User Controls, Custom Controls, and other Web Forms approaches. But rest assured...
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