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January, 2011

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    Unit Testing ASP.NET MVC Routes

    Two things I always encourage customers to do are; Always delete the default route pattern after a File –> New project. This helps you focus on designing your routes throughout your site, and helps reduce SEO-unfriendly routes etc. Always unit test...
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    Optimising ASP.NET Performance

    Something I do a lot with customers is improving their ASP.NET Web Site performance. Most people spend hours looking at server-side performance, but just don’t realise what kind of gains you can get by looking at often-overlooked settings. I’ve seen cases...
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    Unobtrusive jQuery and HTML 5 MSDN Flash Article

    If you don’t get the UK edition of MSDN Flash delivered to your inbox, you might want to head over to the latest edition to check out the jQuery article I wrote for this month; MSDN Flash feature article: Unobtrusive JavaScript with jQuery, HTML 5 Style...
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