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February, 2011

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    JavaScript Architecture

    No, that isn’t meant to be an oxymoron. But something I’ve noticed recently is that people’s approach to JavaScript seems to be diverging down two common paths. This blog post is designed to encourage you to adopt the one you probably aren’t planning...
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    What’s My Day Job?

    If you’re wondering what it is I do all day, the UK TechNet Blog have just published an interview with me as part of their “day in the life” series, which looks at the various technical roles within Microsoft UK. Be sure to check the others out too! On...
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    Detecting which button was clicked in MVC

    I’ve seen a few hacks in the past to try and work out which button caused a form POST in ASP.NET MVC, but the truth is it is pretty easy. Step 1 : Inside your form, add two Submit buttons. Add a name attribute to both (note it isn’t added by MVC by default...
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    Conditional Validation in ASP.NET MVC 3

    Update: If you like this, you'll like Mvc.ValidationTookit even more - check out this post ! Some time ago I blogged on Conditional Validation in MVC , and Adding Client-Side Script to an MVC Conditional Validator . A number of people have asked me...
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    ASP.NET MVC 3 Optional Parameter Routing Issue

    Update : Phil Haack has now blogged on this under Routing Regression With Two Consecutive Optional Parameters . When upgrading the Labs and Demo code for a course I run from MVC 2 to MVC 3 I discovered some odd behaviour with one of the routes. We...
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