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  • Blog Post: Controller Action Design in MVC

    Validate, Act, Translate, and Respond. That’s about it. I’ve been trying to come up with a nice acronym for how to structure code in Actions for some time now, and this is the best I have managed. I wish it spelt a nice word – so if you’ve a better suggestion shout up. What...
  • Blog Post: String.Unformat: I've created a monster

    I don’t know if you’re the same, but when coding away I often find myself wishing for a String.Unformat function – call it the evil twin of String.Format . With String.Format I can build up strings like this; var result = String .Format( "http://{0}:{1}/{2}" , "localhost" , "12345" , ...
  • Blog Post: C# "var" Keyword: We Need Your Vote!

    Josh Twist is running a vote on the use of the “var” keyword. Get voting ! Oh, and make sure you vote “var is for anonymous types only” or he’ll never let me live it down. Ever. I’ll be watching J
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