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  • Blog Post: Optimising ASP.NET Performance

    Something I do a lot with customers is improving their ASP.NET Web Site performance. Most people spend hours looking at server-side performance, but just don’t realise what kind of gains you can get by looking at often-overlooked settings. I’ve seen cases when enabling GZIP compression in IIS and setting...
  • Blog Post: Boundary Analysis

    This week I hosted an interactive session at the Architect Insight Conference with my colleague Josh Twist ... if you were there thanks for being so interactive! We really enjoyed it and found it useful so I hope you did too. One concept that I mentioned during the session was an approach I use to...
  • Blog Post: The Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    I keep looking for the URL’s to get Microsoft Ajax, jQuery, the MVC Ajax libraries and more from our new shiny CDN (check here if you’ve not heard of it)... and I can never remember where they are. So this post is for my benefit, not yours J The links to all scripts are at
  • Blog Post: Monitor your ASP.NET Cache API Behaviour

    Recently I was working on diagnosing a performance issue with a customer’s web site with a colleague (this is one of our favourite engagement types so if you need some help let me know J ), and we found that items were being trimmed very regularly from the ASP.NET Cache, causing excessive back-end work...
  • Blog Post: Performance, Scalability, and Stability

    I spend quite a lot of time nowadays advising on architecting applications to be scalable, recommending performance testing approaches and processes, and being called in to help an organisation remediate problems with an existing application. It’s one of my favourite sides to the job. But in spite...
  • Blog Post: Procedural versus Set-Based SQL

    During my day job I come across customers that are struggling to make a system perform to the expectations of their users, and they often see this as a SQL Server problem. This post is designed to demonstrate how much of a difference your approach to SQL tasks can make to the performance and scalability...
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