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  • Blog Post: ASP.NET MVC 3 Optional Parameter Routing Issue

    Update : Phil Haack has now blogged on this under Routing Regression With Two Consecutive Optional Parameters . When upgrading the Labs and Demo code for a course I run from MVC 2 to MVC 3 I discovered some odd behaviour with one of the routes. We have a very simple route to handle an “archive”...
  • Blog Post: Unit Testing ASP.NET MVC Routes

    Two things I always encourage customers to do are; Always delete the default route pattern after a File –> New project. This helps you focus on designing your routes throughout your site, and helps reduce SEO-unfriendly routes etc. Always unit test your routing table. For number two, this is because...
  • Blog Post: Different Routes for Different Hosts Using Constraints

    I had the pleasure of visiting some guys in Munich this week to talk about ASP.NET MVC. Well, the time with them was a pleasure, but I did have two awful airport experiences due to snow in 48 hours! Something we discussed that I’ve come across before is using different routes depending upon the domain...
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