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  • Blog Post: The “Service Interface” Pattern

    I am constantly surprised when speaking with people how few have heard of or use the “Service Interface” pattern. It is actually a very straightforward pattern, is very little work to use, but brings such practical, quantifiable, visible, benefits I think it has to be one of my all time favourites. The...
  • Blog Post: WCSF Application Architecture 7: Remote Logic with WCF Services

    This article is part of a series; · WCSF Application Architecture 1: Introduction · WCSF Application Architecture 2: Application Controller · WCSF Application Architecture 3: Model View Presenter · WCSF Application Architecture 4: Environment Abstraction · WCSF Application Architecture...
  • Blog Post: Know your WCF from your... well, anything else

    Just a quick link-post, but two really worth paying attention to. First up is Mehran’s post on recommended practices for WCF . Mehran is on my team , and is one of a few guys that seem to know so much about WCF sometimes I think I need to spin up a service host just to understand what they’re saying...
  • Blog Post: Web Service Software Factory February 2008 Ships!

    Following on from my last post, some top news for Web Service developers - the WSSF February 2008 release has just shipped. Check out the landing page and the community site . This release adds the all important Visual Studio 2008 support.
  • Blog Post: Testing WCF Services

    I was recently present at an internal demonstration by Rob Jarratt of a tool to generate unit tests for WCF services from just the message trace files... and it has just been released to codeplex ! The tool integrates with Visual Studio 2005 or 2008, and allows creation of a unit test that replays the...
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