I caught up with my friend Brad in San Franscico at the VS Launch event. He's a researcher at NASA's AMES Reserach Center, and has been doing some great work with .NET and Windows Forms. One application they developed helps first responders - think fire fighters, police, medics, etc - be better equiped at the scene of emergencies. Using their protoype, a firefighter has access on a mobile device to more and better information about the scene, which improves their safety and overall management of the crisis at hand (research paper). Amazing the different uses of .NET and Windows Forms. Here's a shot of the app running on a smart phone, tablet and PocketPC:

Another area Brad has been working on with NASA colleague Chuck Jorgensen is to develop a method for enabling people to communicate without actually talking. Called subvocal speech, they read nerve signals in the throat and convert them into the actual words someone wants to say. Pretty amazing technology, and even though it is a ways from commercial reality there are many potential applications for the technology.

It was great catching up with Brad and I'm interested to see what he works on next.