Whenever a product ships at Microsoft, there is a period of time following the release where changes occur as the division best aligns for the next version and set of challenges. As part of those changes, after two releases of Windows Forms, I'm taking on a new role focused on driving interest and excitement for a wide range of technologies, including ASP.Net, Atlas, Windows Forms, Cider, Crossbow, and IIS. The cool thing is that I get to sit with the product units directly and act as a liaison to the non-product teams at Microsoft as well as creating specific initiatives that span those Product teams.


So here's my first request to you the community: What makes it harder to get your job done than it should? I'm asking not in context of what features we are missing or don't work right in the product (use the product feedback center for those), but in context of the informational available when you go to build a client app or create a new website. Are there not enough samples? What about tutorials on your least favorite features? Books? Are our websites easy/hard to use and find the information you need? What can we do a better job at providing to the community?


Thanks, and I promise it won't be 2 months before my next posting.