Last week was website review week. I looked at and and saw what we are doing well vs. suck at. My conclusions both big and small:


  1. Content freshness. People will come back over and over if there is value, and part of the value is new and useful information. gets a B here. gets a D.
  2. Interaction capabilities. Can users on the site interact in the ways they like to, to get the information they need, and to get their questions answered? The forums do pretty well here, though there are lots of other great interaction examples we should be looking at. Let’s say A.
  3. Blogs. Hmmm…. we don’t do much on the sites here. Have some pointers to team members blogs on the sites, but not much else. Starting to get a blog aggregator going on but a ways to go yet. I’d put us at a C here.
  4. User groups. There are tons of .NET user groups world wide (894 registered at last count). provides a link to some of them, windowsforms doesn’t provide a link at all. Easy fix.
  5. Navigation and organization. It’s still pretty hard to find what you are looking for on the sites. Stuff is buried and hard to locate. Grade: B.
  6. Samples and examples. I put this in the how-do-I bucket along the lines of “Show me how to do a simple text search on a database”. Some content here and there but hard to find, not categorized at expertise level. Let’s say C+.


So there’s lots of room to improve, by ensuring more up-to-date content, better blog integration and better samples, to name a few of the things we're thinking about.


I’m interested in your feedback – what else is missing from our sites?