I have loved this program since first proposed a few months ago, as it’s a great way for some of the experts in the community to provide content that the community is most interested in. It is a great partnership for everyone involved and a big thanks to Pete who picked up the implementation details and pushed the program live to the www.asp.net site two weeks ago.


So what does it take to launch such a program? Actually quite a lot, and it was a long road to fruition:


1.       First we built and deployed the voting module. If you remember earlier in the year we had the voting module on the front page asking questions such as

a.       “Which database do you use most commonly with your Web applications?”

With the results being: 37% SQL Serer 2000, 20% SQL Server 2005 and then MySQL at 13% over 1388 votes.

b.       “How are you adding Ajax support to your Web applications?”

And the 1029 votes said: 31% Ajax.NET, 28% “Atlas” (Yeah!), and 15% “We’re not”.


2.       Then I contacted the asp.net MVPs to see who would be interested in participating. There were a series of emails and feedback from which we made some changes to how the program was actually implemented and how the voting should work.


3.       With Brendon, Scott, Ken, Mitch, Curt, and Jonathan volunteering to be the expects we were set, other than finalizing where the actual samples would live, the timeframes between the voting starting, ending, and when the sample would be published. Legal also wanted to review the program and provide their input.


4.       Pete then picked up the program and worked with our good friends at Telligent to push the program live.


The first voting just closed, with 930 community members voting, with the Event Organization Site receiving 47% of the vote. Next on the list were Track Back for Everything (19%) and Creating a Mashup (16%). Mitch is currently working on the Event Organization Site for publication to the community on August 4th, and voting for the next sample has started. You might notice that we took the 2nd place vote getter from the 1st vote (the “Track Back for Everything” suggestion) and added it to the second vote.


Overall we are looking for innovative ways to create the content most needed by the community and this program is one such mechanism. We will be introducing others and suggestions are welcome.