I’ve received several questions recently asking various questions about the foreign language sub-sites that we launched on www.asp.net, specifically the French and Spanish sub-sites. So let me go through the questions one-by-one.


Question: Why is there a language X sub-site but not language Y?

Answer: I initially picked seven languages I thought were good potential candidates for foreign language content on the site. Those languages were chosen by looking at web traffic, 3rd party community sites for web developers, and to some degree on my ability to be able to parse the content (I can read a little German, French and Spanish, so it’s easier for me personally to review content for those languages than say for Japanese which I can’t read, write or speak.) After reviewing the feedback from the community members and discussing with Telligent the work required to launch a new sub-site, we created a prioritized schedule that had French launching first, with Spanish next.


Question: The follow-on question is "I would like to help you create a XXX language sub-site for www.asp.net. What do I do?"

Answer: Email me with information. There are two fundamental requirements I always look for: 1) is there enough local language content available to make the site interesting not only at launch but months after launch and 2) can we make a site that is useful and engaging for developers. Specific content that makes sites engaging and useful are: articles, blog feeds, FAQ content, video content, tutorial content, and  language community sites all in the specific language.


Question: How do I get my blog added to the front page blog roller for language X?

Answer: Send me your blog and RSS feed. If you have a general blog then send me the tagged specific feed for just your web development content. Assuming not every second post is about your visit to the doctor’s office, we will take it from there.  


Question: I run a community site that isn’t listed as one of the community sites?

Answer: Email me your link and we will get it added. Note that we only add sites that have significant web developer content on them.


Question: I know of a great FAQ, tutorial, etc. that isn’t list on the site. How do I get it listed?

Answer: As above, contact me. If it is an article you can submit it directly using the article submit buttons for English, for French, and for Spanish. If it’s other content for now email me. We’re thinking about a better content submission engine but that is a little ways off.  


Question: I would like to translate some English content into another language. How does this work?

Answer: Contact me with details and we will go from there.


Hope this helps, and if there are other questions I missed, let me know.

-- Simon.