I recently received an email asking me which books I recommended for someone who was getting starting with Windows Forms development. I started to respond by saying look at the books page on www.windowsforms.net and then I checked out the page and realized it was out-of-date. So there is now a new books page on the site that categorizes the best Windows Forms books that are currently available.


For complete all-feature discussions there are books like Windows Forms 2.0 Programming (by Chris Sells & Michael Weinhardt), Programming Microsoft Windows Forms (by Charles Petzold), and Windows Forms in Action: Second Edition of Windows Forms Programming with C# (by Erik Brown).


For a specific data focus there is Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0: Programming Smart Client Data Applications with .NET (by Brian Noyes), while for controls there is Matthew MacDonald’s Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom Controls book or Juval Lowry’s Programming .NET Components book.  


Hope the new books page helps, and if we have missed any let me know.