1. Brand spanking new admin section. Many thanks to Grant Carpenter for the fresh perspective. The previous UI/interaction where much better than the original, so I  think my own perspective was skewed. Some fresh eyes (and available time) and I think we have a really great set up.
  2. New skins. Once again,  I could not do this on my own (I proved this on a couple of occasions :). Daniel Nolan did a great job cleaning up the HTML/CSS and designed some nice stuff. The old skins still exist, but I would not use them...especially with the javscript hack..  (and yes, I know they are not 100% valid yet..they are getting closer)
  3. You can now extend the skin's css, by adding your own CSS in the SecondaryCss field (on the configure tab). You must also select a base skin - Custom. Just check out one of the extended skins (for example, red.css) for a guide. Each skin is a little different, but this allow the HTML to be kept simple.
  4. Your referrals did not go away. They will be available on the Stats tab...just as soon as it gets coded :). They are still being tracked.  On the individual posts pages you will now find all of your comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks. You can also view a summary of these items on the feedback tab.
  5. Trackbacks now track "excerpts". Unfortunately, this did not happen until today.
  6. Please use Descriptions. By default, the Rss feeds will now always show the full body of the post. Using descriptions will make the summary pages (months/categories) more useful.
  7. The post editor now has a spell check (will require a component to be installed) and a javascript method to clean up the stuff word calls html.
  8. Comments/Pingbacks/Trackbacks now have permalinks. I added this about 10 minutes before I posted the new bits...so no guarantees yet.
  9. If you care, the database was also re-tooled quite a bit (hence the site being down for nearly an hour)
  10. Stories now use the same /posts url as individual posts. Old story url's (story categories and individual stories) will still work, but engine will now generate links pointing to the same directories as posts. Internally, there is no difference between them. So cleaning this up here, makes things like permalinks for comments really clean (and easy).
  11. Support for ATOM. Although I suspect my feeds are now a little out of date, but atom.aspx should work.
  12. Comments now come from a common email address, (I think blogs AT asp.net)
  13. Your own comments (ie, you respond to a post in your own blog) will not be mailed to you if you are logged in.
  14. I forget what else...:) lots of stuff. The upside to lots of these changes is future updates will be easier. The downside is I likely broke something that used to work :)

Please feel to shout out with any errors/suggestions.