I have a couple more items to test, but if all goes well, there should be a code update tonight on weblogs.asp.net.

The code should be posted publicly shortly as well. During the update there will likely be a couple minutes of downtime.

Among the new features should be:

·         Named Posts (ie, mypost.aspx instead of 123.aspx)

·         Option to not syndicate specific posts to the aggregate site (or even your own feed)

·         Option to not display posts on your home page (ie, category only)

·         Option to disable comments post by post and globally

·         Cleaner links to category feeds

·         Post “Loss” confirmation. Not really sure what to call it, but basically if you are making a post and accidentally click a link, you will be prompted (only while editing a post) that any changes you have not saved will be lost. The prompt will give you an option to continue and one to cancel. (sorry this is an IE only feature)

·         Aggregation stats should be turned on

·         Cleaner blog urls (blog/archive/year/month/day/post.aspx and blog/article/post.aspx). Old Urls will be redirected to the new ones.

·         Descriptions for categories

·         Rss links will be displayed for blog roles and categories

In the coming weeks, you will see a bunch of new features center around the sites growth. To help in the short run, there will be two new global feeds (one for MS only and one for non-MS). The main feed will continue to display all posts.