As I mentioned earlier, there are a couple of new syndication features you can take advantage of here (

While posting, if you view "Advanced Options" (you know, the panel you never open :) You should see the following

  • Published - Allow the post to be displayed publicly (this was always there)
  • Allow Comments - Allow comments to be posted to this entry (In your preferences, you can turn comments off globally)
  • Display on HomePage - Display on your blogs home page (as well as If you do not want to post it to your own blogs home page, I do not want it on the main home page :)
  • Syndicate on Main Feed - Include this post in the sites mainfeed ( and your own main feed.
  • Syndicate Description Only - Only syndicate the “Excerpt“
  • Include in Aggregate Site - Global setting for inclusion in the main site

In addition, on the advanced option panel, you will see a textbox for an "EntryName". This will allow you to name your post instead of just using the EntryID. Please note if you change this value, your post will post will 404 (more likely error...but should be a 404 :)