The bits were updated tonight. The following features were added:
  1. Comments per blog can now be moderated.
    • This is configured on the Preferences page (Admin > Options > Preferences)
    • Individual comments can be toggled on the feedback page (Admin > Feedback)
    • An email will be sent after each comment is posted. This will let the admin know if the comment needs to be moderated or not. In addition, it will contain a link which will toggle the status.
    • When a user makes a comment to a moderated post they will be directed to a page stating the comment needs to be approved before it will show up.
  2. Multiple comments can now be deleted at one time
    This as well happens on the Feedback page (Admin > Feedback). Simply click the checkbox next to any comment you wish to delete. Then click “delete” at the bottom of the page Comment form expiration
  3. The new comment form is now deactivated on any post older than 30 days.
    This is currently a global setting. In the future it will be configurable by each blogger.
This build is not ready for mass consumption yet, so I am not sure if/when it will be released to the public.