To save myself from posting a comment in everyone's blog, here is a quick run down of what happened and  is currently happening:

Upgrade Issues
Due to a freak chance of fate, a hardware issue arose on Monday, about 36 hours after I had posted a minor build update. The first thought in most people's heads (maybe even mine)...."Scott broke the server". So we rolled back the site to its pre-Saturday state and all was good for about 30 seconds. Upon further review, it looked like a NIC was loosing some packets, so we switched to the machines backup NIC. However, it is looking more like it is a router issue, so it is not 100% resolved yet, but it is actively being worked on by the fine OrcsWeb folks.

List of Bloggers
Yes this has been updated and no it is not permanent....sort of.  I am open to suggestions, but displaying 800 to 1400 blogs doesn't make much sense either. The idea is to get the home page size down to a more reasonable number (some people still pay by the byte). Ordering by who posts the most and alphabetically does work as the number of blogs increases. I tried to do it by last updated time, but not everyone has set their time zone setting, so it was still off. At the moment, I simply grab 200 random bloggers. I am open to suggestions.

Moderation and Closed Comments
This is still not full proof and does not fit everyone's needs, but I think it was a very necessary step. A future version of Community Server :: Blogs will enable much better control over who can post comments (and when/etc). However, limiting the surface area was a nice quick fix. I had been spending quite a bit of time every day deleting comment spam bloggers were not deleting themselves. This is likely the reason some of you never saw the problem. I am aware that useful comments do come in after 30 days, but I am confident that the spam to useful comment ratio takes a huge nose dive for the worse with each passing day.

In addition, the UI/UE (user experience) are also far from perfect. I did a tweak the feedback admin page last night and removed the in-line options which seemed to confuse people.