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  • Blog Post: Full-Text Feeds

    See here for more details.
  • Blog Post: Site Update : Reloaded

    To save myself from posting a comment in everyone's blog, here is a quick run down of what happened and is currently happening: Upgrade Issues Due to a freak chance of fate, a hardware issue arose on Monday, about 36 hours after I had posted a minor build update. The first thought in most people's heads...
  • Blog Post: Minor Site Update

    The bits were updated tonight. The following features were added: Comments per blog can now be moderated. This is configured on the Preferences page (Admin > Options > Preferences) Individual comments can be toggled on the feedback page (Admin > Feedback) An email...
  • Blog Post: .Text How To Column

    I have started a category/column on my personal blog about some of .Text's feature . ( rss ). I probably will not touch much of the code, but I will try to cover all of the core features. -Scott
  • Blog Post: Beta Search

    I posted a demo/beta search for .Text (and at: You can read about here .
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Only Feed

    Grouping of feeds will get dramatically better in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, you can now view a Microsoft only home page at: and subscribe to a Microsoft only feed at: In addition, if you want...
  • Blog Post: New Entry Settings

    As I mentioned earlier, there are a couple of new syndication features you can take advantage of here ( ) While posting, if you view "Advanced Options" (you know, the panel you never open :) You should see the following Published - Allow the post to be displayed publicly...
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