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  • Blog Post: Full-Text Feeds

    See here for more details.
  • Blog Post: Site Update : Reloaded

    To save myself from posting a comment in everyone's blog, here is a quick run down of what happened and is currently happening: Upgrade Issues Due to a freak chance of fate, a hardware issue arose on Monday, about 36 hours after I had posted a minor build update. The first thought in most people's heads...
  • Blog Post: Minor Site Update

    The bits were updated tonight. The following features were added: Comments per blog can now be moderated. This is configured on the Preferences page (Admin > Options > Preferences) Individual comments can be toggled on the feedback page (Admin > Feedback) An email...
  • Blog Post: Really Minor Update

    I posted a very minor update tonight. You should now be able to go to Admin >> Options >> Preferences and globally turn your comments on or off . There is still NO confirmation the update was successful. There will be a major update in June or July which will target the comment and membership...
  • Blog Post: New Build Coming

    The first run of 0.96 should be posted tomorrow (Feb 9, 2004) night, so you will likely see some lights flickering. -Scott
  • Blog Post: ViewState Error

    Seems to be something off with the viewstate and comments. I will look into this soon. Sorry. Update: This error has been corrected.
  • Blog Post: 0.95 Was Posted

    The bits have been updated. Lets see what I forgot :) So far: I accidentally added the second servers files as the wrong user. Smart Win2K3 told you all to bug off :) EnableViewState = false on the home page. Not sure why I would have ever turned that off Update Trigger. This is why triggers...
  • Blog Post: Stats Update

    I posted another minor update tonight. Post Counts (views) are now shown for each post in the admin section Referrals are no longer filtered for the last month. Referrals should be listed by date when they were last received. The number of times a referral was received is also displayed. ...
  • Blog Post: Minor Update: Pre 0.95

    Made a pretty minor update tonight: Services and MetaBlogAPI should be working again. Comments look to be OK (although I did not change anything. Still need to retest commentAPI, anyone experiencing problems with this?) Added two new skins created by Christian Nordbakk and Julien Cheyssial...
  • Blog Post: Very Minor Update

    I made a very minor update tonight. Sorry for the downtime. I changed something in the skins and forgot to push the changes. If you find anything out of the ordinary, please drop me a note here or IM me. -Scott
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