I have begun an effort to create a document that will cover Host Integration Server best practices, configuration details, operations information, and other tidbits of data. I would like for those of you that use HIS in your environments to provide a little feedback about some of the topics that you might like to see covered. I can’t guarantee that I will be able to include everything that everyone might want to see, but I will try to include as much as possible.

Here are some of the main topic areas that I have planned to include so far.

- Installation, Configuration and Deployment
- Upgrading or Migrating from Previous versions
- Administration and Management (SNA Manager, SNACFG, WMI)
- SNA Gateway Features (Link Services, Connections, Session Types, TN3270, Print Server, etc.)
- Transaction Integrator
- Data Integration
(DB2 & Host Files access)
- Session Integrator
- Biztalk Adapters for Host Systems
- Enterprise Single Sign-On
- Host Access Management Agent
- HIS Client

Of course, there will be subtopics under each of these main topics.

If you have any suggestions about things that you’d like to see included, please click the Email link to let me know. If I need further clarification about your suggestion, I may need to follow up with you.