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The intent is to share some details about Host Integration Server (HIS) that are not well documented, not well known, as well as various tidbits that come up when supporting HIS.

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  • Blog Post: DB2 Provider version information

    The following table contains various information about several versions of the DB2 Providers included with Host Integration Server (HIS) as well as the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 (DB2OLEDB) included in SQL Server Feature Packs. As a side note for those that might not be aware, the Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Update Center for Host Integration Server and Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2

    Based on feedback from both internal and external sources regarding questions about what the latest updates (fixes) are for both Host Integration Server and the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 (which is included SQL Server Feature Packs), I created a page that lists the current updates fro these products...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting Host Integration Server Event 23 and Event 230 errors

    I recently wrote a couple of Knowledge Base articles that are intended to explain why an HIS Server logs one of the following event messages: - Event ID: 23 - Event ID: 230 These are very common errors that occur when using HIS Server especially if you still use the 802.2 DLC link service to connect...
  • Blog Post: Host Integration Server 2006 Service Pack 1 is available

    For those of you running Host Integration Server 2006, you might be interested in knowing that HIS 2006 SP1 is available for download at the following location: Host Integration Server 2006 Service Pack 1 provides...
  • Blog Post: HIS Client white paper has been posted on Microsoft Download Center

    For those interesting in getting more details about the Host Integration Server Client, the “Understanding the Host Integration Server Client” white paper is now available at the following location:
  • Blog Post: HIS 2009 popup message dialogs are not displayed on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

    If you have used Host Integration Server 2006 and earlier, you have likely seen HIS display certain error messages in popup message dialogs. For example, a popup message dialog like the following is displayed on a HIS Client when the SnaBase process is unable to connect to a sponsor server: Host Integration...
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