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May, 2004

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    Early Termination with Position Flat Files

    When working with flat files, BizTalk assumes that each and every line contains data to match the length of the record you specified in your schema. If the data does not match the length with data then it expects that it will find spaces. It does not...
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    Using External XSLT in the BizTalk Mapper

    I had a client that had a lot of existing XSLT's that they wanted to use in BizTalk instead of recreating them using the BizTalk Mapper. The BizTalk Mapper supports custom XSLT in two forms; the script functoid (1) and then in the Mapper itself...
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    Did You Know About These Tools?

    There are two tools that I recommend to clients as soon as I arrive on site. The first is the BizTalk 2004 Explorer Extension . The extension is the BtsAsmExt.dll and is located in the \Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004\Developer...
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    Welcome to my blog

    I am a Senior Consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services in the central region. I specialize in Enterprise Application Integration and .NET Application Development. I have been working with BizTalk since the tech preview and have worked on many...
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