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March, 2007

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    Want browser-based access to Team Foundation Server?


    Today Microsoft announced that it's acquiring DevBiz, the maker's of TeamPlain (TeamPlain is web-based solution for accessing Team Foundation Server).

    Read the PressPass announcement here.

    As a result, TeamPlain is now a FREE download for exsting TFS users.

    Also, Brian Harry posted a look at the product.


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    Can't Move Forward Until You Know Where You Are


    Check out Microsoft's ALM Assessment 

    From the site:

    In order to improve your development capabilities, you must first understand where you are today, then determine where you want to go; only then can you develop a solution roadmap. The ALM Assessment addresses the first point by providing you with a comprehensive ‘snap-shot’ of your development organization today. The ALM Assessment provides the following services:

    • Provides aggregate score based on multiple team members completing the assessment
    • Provides management with metrics across ten key development practice areas, including scores for sub-practices and individual questions
    • Provides aggregate ‘Peer Comparisons’ by industry, organization size and development organization size
    • Allows measurement of progress by archiving and comparing each report with previous reports
    • Uses vendor-agnostic structure to ensure the assessment provides an accurate snap-shot


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    Released: Team Foundation Power Tools V1.2


    In case you haven't seen this yet..

    Team Foundation Server is happy to announce the release of  version 1.2 of Team Foundation Power Tools (formerly known as Power Toys).  In this release we’ve added 2 new command line tools for the developer and 3 non-command line tools.   This version includes some bug fixes to previous Power Tools, support for Vista, and adds the following new functionality:

    • Workspace Command (tfpt.exe) - Use the workspace command for additional workspace operations not supported in the currently shipping Team Foundation Server command line (tf.exe).
    • Treeclean Command (tfpt.exe) - Use the treeclean command to see and optionally delete files in the current directory and all subdirectories that are not under version control.
    • Process Template Editor - A tool to provide UI for authoring work item types and some of the associated Process Template components. 
    • Check-in Policy Pack - A set of handy check-in policies to address needs customers have expressed.
    • Build Test Tools Task - A tool that allows running unit tests by simply specifying the DLLs or even specifying a file name pattern in TfsBuild.proj, instead of using .vsmdi files to specify tests to run.

    Please note that the Process Template Editor has some additional pre-requisites, they are identified on the download page. 

    You can locate the Team Foundation Power Tools V1.2 release here and you can get help on the forums for these tools here.

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    VSTS For Database Professionals Among Jolt Award Winners for 2007 Announced at SD West Expo


    I just attended the 2007 Jolt Awards at the SD West Expo in Santa Clara.


    In case you haven’t already seen it, Microsoft had quite a few nominations and received two “Productivity Awards” (honorable mentions), and one Jolt Award!  See below:


    Jolt Award Winner:

    • VSTS For Database Professionals - Database Engines and Data Tools category (Matt Nunn accepted)

    Productivity Awards:

    • Team Foundation Server – Change and Configuration Management  (winner was AccuRev)
    • IronPython – Development Environments  (winner was NetBeans IDE)

    There were other tools that won or were mentioned that complement, integrate, or support either Visual Studio or the .NET platform.


    For a complete list of nominees (and soon-to-be-posted winners):


  • Steve Lange @ Work

    VSTS Prescriptive Guidance From Patterns & Practices Team


    Be sure to check out this post from J.D. Meier.  It contains a LOT of new information and recommendations on how to get the best bang for your buck from Visual Studio Team System.

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