If you’ve been on the web at all in the last few days, you know that Microsoft has announced Bing, the latest version of its search engine.  Give it a try!

Here’s a video that really dives into the new search experience.  Experiment with different types of searches, including travel planning and shopping.  I think you’ll be impressed!

Of course, with any launch of a new product (or version of a product), it gets shoved down your throat.  Case in point on the MSN homepage:

Bing is on 4 places on the MSN home page.. really?

There are FOUR references to Bing, without even scrolling:

  • In the search bar
  • As the featured “Video Highlight”
  • In an ad just below “Today’s Picks” in the center column
  • In an ad to the far right

Bing!  Get it, Bing!  Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing!