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August, 2009

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    patterns & practices Summit 2009



    patterns & practices Summit 2009 is Here!  It will be held in Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, WA between October 12th and 16th 2009.

    We are putting together a strong line up of technical sessions from p&p team members, Microsoft product groups and industry experts. This year we are also introducing “Lightning Talks”. If the sessions are the gourmet food for your brain, these lightning talks are the gourmet snack, the energy bar kind. We will provide you more details on the lightning talk in our next update. Today we want update you with our line-up of keynote speakers.

    p&p Summit Keynote Speakers

    This year’s keynoters include industry luminary Martin Fowler and Microsoft technical leaders  Scott Guthrie, Brian Harry, David Campbell, Wolfram Schulte and Douglas Purdy. Microsoft General Manager Emma Williams will kick off this year’s p&p summit.















    Why Attend?

    When you attend the patterns & practices Summit you will gain deeper insight into the p&p guidance that you are already using. You will also discover and learn about p&p guidance offerings that address additional development challenges. You'll have the opportunity to interact directly with the p&p team, top engineers from other Microsoft product groups, and industry luminaries. Attending the patterns & practices Summit will provide you with insight into making better design, implementation, and technology selection decisions.

    What Previous Attendees Have Said...

    "This was a wonderful experience."

    "Overall, conference was great, gave us good roadmap to follow."

    "Thank you for all the great ideas. I am looking forward to going home and applying them."

    "Many of the things I learned here will revolutionize our practices, processes, designs, and patterns. THANKS!"

    "Speakers were great"

    "Humor was refreshing"

    "Great event! Do it again!"

    "Excellent conference, just first day alone was worth the money. Thank you."

    "This was an excellent value and I would recommend it to everyone!!"

    "All speakers were very knowledgeable and they addressed many issues that I face every day."

    "This was an excellent conference for me. I'm taking away some useful tools."


    Special Offer ($400 off until June 30th and $200 off after that)

    We are happy to extend a special offer to you via this email. This is only available to the recipients of this email. With this offer, you will save $400 of the best available open registration price until June 30th and $200 off after that. Register now to take advantage of this special offer.

    Price Information:

    $1695 $1295 - Early Bird (thru June 30th)
    $1695 $1495 - Early Bird (thru August 31)
    $1895 $1695 - Standard Registration

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    Thank you, Denver! Goodnight!


    Thanks to the roughly 100 of you who attended the Denver VS.Net User Group.  While I’m sure you all showed up primarily for the free food and door prizes, I appreciate the level of interaction during my presentation last night (“Team Foundation Server: Today & Tomorrow”). 

    As promised, here is the presentation I used last night (posted on SkyDrive):

    Please send me feedback or any other questions you might have!

  • Steve Lange @ Work

    60 Minute Webcast Series: Team Foundation Server Today & Tomorrow


    clip_image002 Team Foundation Server is big – and it’s only getting bigger! In this session, we’ll explore Team Foundation Server and its current capabilities, including version control, work item tracking (tasks, bugs, etc.), build automation, and reporting. We will also take a look at some of the new capabilities “in the pipe” for TFS 2010 – not only improvements on existing functionality, but new capabilities such as workflow-based build, hierarchical work items, and drag & drop merging.

    Speaker: Steven Lange, Developer Technology Specialist, Microsoft (

    September 25, 2009 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Click here to register (Event ID: 1032424150).

    October 30, 2009| 11:00 AM-12:00 PM PST

    Click here to register (Event ID: 1032424151)

    Additional Offerings & Solutions


    Improve ALM solutions and strategies
    How can you make your development process more efficient, consistent, and with improved quality—for FREE? Take advantage of free advice.




    FREE Expert ALM Consulting
    Get expert advice on your current Application Life-Cycle Management and development processes. Built on a survey of your team leaders, the ALM Catalyst Insight program is phone-based consulting that highlights your organization’s best practices and uncovers areas of risk that will improve with better ALM solutions and strategies.

    > Visit the ALM Catalyst portal to learn more and register.



    FREE Live Workshops
    Learn how to use Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server to its full potential. Four ongoing ALM Catalyst Live Workshops cover different aspects of the development process:

    • Preparation and use of reports
    • Benefits of automated builds
    • Integration of quality assurance
    • Implementation of consistent process

    > Check out the schedule and register for a FREE Live Workshop now.

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    Event: Better Software Quality with Visual Studio Team System 2010



    Better Software Quality with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Please join Microsoft and Northwest Cadence for these free half-day sessions designed to introduce you to the quality tools of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010.

    Learn how Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) coupled with ALM tooling will help organizations build quality into their lifecycle.  Many of the great features of Visual Studio Team System 2010 will help you break down organizational walls between your developers and testers. Get better software with Visual Studio Team System 2010.

    This event is geared towards both non-technical and technical testers, developers, project managers, QA managers, and others interested in improving the quality of your code.

    Session Topics

    Understanding the Visual Studio Team System Quality Tools

    Tour the quality tools available in VSTS 2010, including Test Case Management, Bug Tracking, Test Cases and the new Microsoft Test and Lab Manager interface.  See how VSTS 2010 can provide traceability from requirements to code, test runs, bugs, tested environments and code.

    Running Test Cases & Filing Bugs

    We will show you how to use the Test Runner to run manual tests against a particular test environment, take screenshots, and file a series of bugs.  All this while automatically recording a video of your test being completed.

    Fixing the Bug (Developer)

    Learn how Historical Debugging is a new feature of VSTS 2010 that you will not want to miss! Learn how to reproduce filed bugs using Historical Debugging, enabling you to break down the biggest wall separating developers and testers.

    Automating a Regression Test

    Find out how to turn a manual test into an automated regression test.  You can even schedule it to run during an automated build!

    Creating a New Test Plan

    During this session we will create a new test plan, showing you how to set up Data Collectors for the computers in your environment, define the various test environment combinations, and map relationships between test cases and requirements.

    Rounding Out Your Knowledge

    Understand the more advanced features of VSTS 2010 including Lab Manager, Test Controllers and Agents, and the numerous quality reports that can guide an effective development process.


    Register for a date & location near you!

    Welcome: 8:00 AM

    Seminar: 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

    Microsoft Partner Events:

    September 29, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140546

    September 30, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140547

    October 06, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140548

    October 07, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140549


    October 07, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140648

    Salt Lake City

    October 20, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140629

    Mountain View
    October 22, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140550

    San Francisco
    October 23, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140551

    San Diego
    November 03, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140552


    November 04, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140553

    Los Angeles

    November 05, 2009

    Click here to register

    Event Code: 140554

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    MSDN Events Coming Your Way!


    After a brief summer break, we’re back at it with a fresh wave of MSDN events!  Take a look at the below listing, and I hope to see you there!

    MSDN Presents: The Next Generation Client Experience

    • Windows 7 for Developers
      • Windows 7 is almost here! With it are numerous improvements and new features to take advantage of in your applications. Watch and learn as we demonstrate how to utilize the new taskbar, multi-touch support, search, libraries, and more.
    • IE8 for Developers
      • IE8 makes your web better… faster, safer and easier.  This is true for developers too.  In this session, we will illustrate how developers can take advantage of some new technologies in IE8 such as accelerators to enhance a user’s web experience.  We will also illustrate the built-in developer tools in IE8 and how to take advantage of them.  These tools include a powerful CSS tool, script debugging and a script profiler.
    • Building Business Applications with Silverlight 3
      • Silverlight 3 has launched.  In this session, we will illustrate how you can build powerful line of business (LOB) applications with Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3.  We will begin with illustrating how you can build powerful prototypes with SketchFlow in Blend 3.  We will then implement a LOB application, illustrating some design patterns such as the Repository and Model View View Model (MVVM) along the way.
    When Where Registration
    9/1 Colorado Springs link
    9/2 Denver link
    9/10 Albuquerque link

    MSDN Presents: Introduction to F#

    With the introduction of F# many people asked “Why does .NET need a new language?”  There are many reasons to use F#, but one of the biggest is its support of “asynchronous computational workflows,” a style of programming that makes multi-threaded applications relatively easy to write.  In this session we will introduce F# for those who haven’t spent any time with the new language.  We also will spend some time focusing on the threading aspects of F# that enable programmers to better take advantage of the multi-core processor environments.

    When Where Registration
    9/14 Denver link


    We’ve got other events in the works around Team System as well, so stay tuned!

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    Upgrade Paths to Windows 7


    Some of you may have seen this already, others may have not.  Below is a decent chart showing, based on what you have already (“Upgrade FROM”), how you can get to Windows 7 (“Upgrade TO”).

    From All Things Digital

    And, the folks at have provided some steps to do an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 RC to the release version (RTM).  And although I’m not officially endorsing it, “it worked fine on my machine..”  ;)

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    PDC 2009 Registration is Open


    pdc09Early registration for PDC09 is now open.  Register before September 15th and save $500 on your full conference pass.

    Nov 17 – 19; Workshops – Nov 16
    Los Angeles Convention Center

    The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is Microsoft’s premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects. Attendees come from around the world to learn about the future of Microsoft’s platform, to exchange ideas with over 1,000 Microsoft technology experts, and to network with fellow professionals. 

  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Join me at the Denver Visual Studio User Group this Month


    On Monday, August 24th, I’ll be speaking at the Denver VS.NET UG at the Microsoft office.  The topic:  Team Foundation Server: Today and Tomorrow.

    Check out the UG’s website for more details.  I hope to see you there!

    Also, if you’re down in the Springs, I’ll see you tomorrow for a similar talk!

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