Microsoft just announced final branding and pricing for the Visual Studio 2010 lineup!  Here’s what it looks like (you can call this either the stadium or Lego view):



There are three minor changes to product names, listed below:

Old Name New Name

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Elements 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Lab Management 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Management 2010

Microsoft Test and Lab Manager*

Microsoft Test Manager 2010*

* Not available as a separate product for purchase.


Below is the suggested pricing (USD) for each of the 2010 products.

With 1-yr MSDN Subscription
Product Buy Upgrade Buy Renew
Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate - - $11,899 $3,799
Visual Studio 2010 Premium - - $5,469 $2,299
Visual Studio 2010 Professional $799 $549 $1,199 >$799
Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 - - $2,169 $899
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 $499 $399 - -
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 CAL $499 - - -
Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack 2010 (1000 Virtual Users) $4,499 - - -

* Subscription contents vary by purchased product.

A couple things to note:

  • TFS 2010 and a TFS 2010 CAL are included with every MSDN subscription
  • The above prices are suggested list price.  Companies buying development tools licenses usually go through volume licensing which usually result in lower prices.

Not sure what product has what?

Visual Studio 2010 lineup - from the Rangers 2010 Quick Reference Guide

Here’s another angle:

Visual Studio 2010 lineup 

For more details on each feature, you can view a matrix here.