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March, 2010

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    Interested? March Architect Innovation Cafe Webcasts


    In case any of this interests you, there are a couple of great webcasts coming this way during this month.  See below!


    March 25, 2010 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

    Title: Extending Your Sites Reach with IE8 Add On Features

    Abstract Today's users are getting more sophisticated and they expect more features from the sites and services they use. In this session learn about how to implement low effort, high value add-ons that expand your sites reach and bring value to your customer base .

    Link to Register:

    Jim Cirone
    Architect Evangelist, Microsoft

    Jim Cirone is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft's Developer and Platform Evangelism team. He joined the DPE team 3 years ago after spending 10 years in Microsoft's services group architecting and delivering complex solutions. In his current role he is focused on new and emerging web technologies.


    March 26, 2010 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

    Title: Windows Azure Design Patterns

    Abstract: One of the challenges in adopting a new platform is finding usable design patterns that work for developing effective solutions. The Catch-22 is that design patterns are discovered and not invented. Nevertheless it is important to have some guidance on what design patterns make sense early in the game.

    This webcast attacks the problem through a set of application scenario contexts, Azure features and solution examples. It is unique in its approach and the fact that it includes the use of features from all components of the Windows Azure Platform including the Windows Azure OS, Windows Azure AppFabric and SQL Azure. In this webcast you will learn about the components of the Windows Azure Platform that can be used to solve specific business problems.

    Link to Register:

    Bill Zack
    Architect Evangelist, Microsoft

    Bill Zack is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft. He comes to this role after serving as a Solutions Architect in the Financial Services Unit of Microsoft Consulting Services. His experience includes developing, supporting and evangelizing .NET/SOA based frameworks used to jump-start development projects for financial services companies.

    Stay Connected:

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  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta – Thank you and goodnight!


    Last Saturday I had the opportunity to present two sessions at the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta in downtown Denver.  The event itself was incredibly well-attended, with well over 400 people showing up early on a Saturday morning.  What a successful day!

    Dave and Julie Yack involved me in the keynote as well (probably against their better judgment, but it was fun all the same).

    I had mentioned earlier that I’d be doing two sessions, the second of which was entitled, “TFS: Team Development on Crack”.  About 40 people showed up, so it either must’ve been the outside hope of actually getting crack swag, or that there were no other intriguing sessions at that time.  But I had a blast presenting on Team Foundation Server 2010 with a “crack-centric” slant.

    Here is my presentation on SlideShare (for some reason, embedding isn’t working too well, so you get a link instead):


    To those of you who attended, thanks for stopping by!

  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Support for VS 2010 from Micro Focus


    VS 2010 LogoVisual Studio 2010 is packed with capabilities.  If you’re still yearning for more and have some of the below products, this may interest you!

    The folks at Micro Focus have announced four product integrations with Visua Studio 2010, which are planned to be released before the end of May.

    If you don’t remember, Micro Focus last year acquired Borland Software and Compuware’s testing business.  They’re doing something with their new assets!

    For additional info, check out:

    Micro Focus logo (from following products are expected to be released with Visual Studio 2010 integration before the end of May:

    • Visual COBOL 2010 is Micro Focus’s world-class COBOL environment. The product includes support for both native and managed code (full support for multi-targeting & .NET 4.0); new lighter-weight COBOL syntax that permits COBOL programs to be written in a style similar to Visual Basic.NET; includes new features in Visual Studio 2010, such as editor adornments. This product will also form the basis of the new managed code mainframe migration offering, which is scheduled for a July 2010 announcement at the WPC.
    • SilkTest integration permits tests authored using Borland SilkTest to be integrated with Team Foundation Server build processes, and managed through Microsoft Test Manager in Visual Studio Test Professional 2010. Micro Focus plans to offer the SilkTest integration add- free of charge to existing SilkTest customers on maintenance.
    • Micro Focus DevPartner provides additional static and run-time analysis capability within Visual Studio, enhancing the quality & reliability of both managed and native applications. It is in use currently by a number of internal Microsoft development teams.
    • Analyzer Express is a first offering of the Modernization Workbench technology acquired from Relativity Technologies. It provides enhanced code understanding such as data flow analysis and code slicing.
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