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March, 2012

  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Event: Reimagining App Development: Introducing Windows 8


    Don’t know what you’re doing on April 4th?  You do now!

    Are you interested in experiencing the next great app platform opportunity, Windows 8? Do you want to learn how to get started building apps for this new platform?

    We are inviting the Silicon Valley startup community to a full-day, knockout, deep dive event taking place on our Silicon Valley Campus. Developers and designers alike will take the stage to show you how to take advantage of this new platform opportunity. Several startups will demo their brand new apps and talk about their early experiences developing for Windows 8, while the Microsoft team will provide attendees the opportunity to play with the platform and the tools needed to get started. Sessions will cover designing for the new Metro UI, building for the platform, and monetizing your apps. 

    April 4, 2012

    Registration: 12:00 PM

    Event: 1:00 PM-7:00 PM

    Microsoft Silicon Valley

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg 1

    Mountain View, CA 94043   


    Register here:




    12:00 PM


    1:00 PM

    Welcome & Kick-Off

    Dan’lLewin, Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Emerging Business Development

    1:15 PM

    Windows 8 Introduction, Keynote, Demo, & Metro UI App Design

    2:15 PM

    Break | Windows 8 Hack Stations

    2:30 PM

    Windows 8 Showcase Panel

    3:15 PM

    Windows 8 Marketplace Opportunity

    Robert Youngjohns, President, Microsoft North America

    4:00 PM

    Break | Windows 8 Hack Stations

    4:15 PM

    Build & Reimagine your App on Windows 8

    5:00 PM

    VC & Entrepreneur Panel

    5:45 PM

    Closing Remarks & Next Steps

    6:00 PM

    Reception & Windows 8 Hack Stations

    Join us! You won't want to miss this first of its kind event, put on by Microsoft’s BizSpark program and Microsoft’s developer evangelism team.




  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Upcoming Free Webinars and Workshops from Imaginet


    Check out these upcoming web-based learning opportunities from Imaginet!

    Visual StudioThese training events are completely free.  To register, simply click on a date below.

    A View into Microsoft's New ALM Features and Tools

    As more is known and released about the next release of Visual Studio and related tools, some features rise to the top as new stars. In this session we'll briefly discuss the breadth of new features and then spend some time demonstrating the ones that could make the biggest difference in the success of your development projects. Come join us for this free Web Workshop!

    Requirements and Storyboarding with Visual Studio 2011

    The saying "a picture paints a thousand words" is true for requirements. Many teams use mockups or storyboards to describe general application appearance and flow. This session will demonstrate new features in Visual Studio 2011 that support creating, presenting and maturing storyboards using tools you already know. And then we'll show how this process fits into the rest of your application's lifecycle.

    Involving Stakeholders with Visual Studio 2011

    Microsoft has provided requirements management features since the initial release of Team Foundation Server. In Visual Studio 2011, Microsoft now also handles earlier stages in the requirements lifecycle. This session will describe the new storyboarding practices available in Visual Studio 2011 and how they integrate into the rest of Microsoft's ALM strategy. Come join us for this free webinar!

    Collecting Feedback from Stakeholders with Visual Studio 2011

    One important aspect of defining and refining applications comes as feedback from the user base. This session will demonstrate how the users can seamlessly provide feedback that is captured, tracked and communicated through Visual Studio 2011. Come join us for this free Web Workshop!

    Scrum and Agile Management Using Visual Studio 2011

    Scrum and agile management methodologies focus on iterative planning, development and release. This session will demonstrate how agile planning, management and tracking are streamlined with Visual Studio 2011.

    Managing Agile/Scrum Iterations & Sprints

    Scrum and agile management methodologies focus on iterative planning, development and release. This session will describe standard agile management processes and how they work. Then, we'll describe how the new features in Visual Studio 2011 make it easier for all team members to more effectively participate in agile management. Come join us for this exciting webinar!

    A Day in the Life: Developer Enhancements with Visual Studio 2011

    The next version of Visual Studio is rich with new tools that enhance standard developer activities. In this session we'll review and demonstrate some of these new features, such as Unit Testing, Code Reviews, Code Clones and other developer tools.

    Operations Management in the Application Lifecycle

    Application lifecycles start when the software is envisioned and lasts until it is retired. Most of that time is generally spent in maintenance and upgrade, after an application is deployed into production but before it is retired. This session will describe how to optimize this segment of the application's lifecycle with new Microsoft tools.

    Integrating Production Support into ALM

    Successful applications spend most of their life in maintenance. In this session we'll discuss and demonstrate how operations management can be integrated into the application lifecycle.

    TFS in the Cloud

    In this session we'll describe how to offload your ALM infrastructure to a supported infrastructure in the cloud. In addition, we'll walk through the steps you should take and what to consider before making that move. Come join us for this free webinar!


    For questions or more information, please feel free to contact us at or by calling 972-607-4830.

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