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    DENVER: Team System Training Open Enrollment


    adventos Join Adventos for a rich, integrated training experience on the leading Microsoft technology!

    Visual Studio Team System is an integrated software development platform used to build applications on the Microsoft platform. It extends Visual Studio’s integrated and productive experience from the developer to the entire development team by delivering new role-based tools for software architects, developers, testers and project managers. Join us for an exciting four-day course on this leading Microsoft technology! The following table presents a brief overview of each day.

    Day 1

    • Welcome to VSTS
      • Concepts, Terms, and Acronyms
      • VSTS Deployment Scenarios
      • Agile and Iterative Software Development
      • Team Projects and Project Portals
    • Tracking the Lifecycle with Work Items
      • Areas, Iterations, and Backlogs
      • Work Items
      • Linked Work Items
      • Work Item Queries
    • Designing Enterprise Architectures
      • Patterns and Best Practices
      • Visual Modeling in VSTS
      • VSTS Diagrams and Software Factories

    Day 2

    • Establishing a Productive Environment
      • Team Foundation Source Control
    • Team Foundation Build
      • Build Servers
      • Build Types
      • Automated Builds
    • Improving Efficiency and Software Quality
      • Code Snippets
      • Refactoring
      • Static Code Analysis
      • Unit Tests and Test Driven Development

    Day 3

    • Integrating Database with VSTS
      • Database Projects
      • Project Properties
      • Importing Schemas
      • Layout of Database Projects
      • Importing Scripts
      • Creating New Objects
      • Building and Deploying

    Day 4

    • Refactoring Databases
      • Motivations
      • Precautions and Safety Features
      • Previewing, Committing, and Undoing Changes
    • Applying Modern Testing Approaches
      • Test Projects and the Test Manager
      • Manual Tests
      • Web Tests
      • Load Tests
      • Ordered Tests
      • Build Verification Tests
    • Achieving Visibility
      • Prescriptive v. Descriptive Metrics
      • Tour of VSTS Reports
      • Retrospectives

    Course Logistics
    Adventos will be offering this course at their headquarters in Denver, CO Monday, May 19 through Thursday, May 22, 2008. The cost is $1,764 per student and includes use of corporate laptop for course duration, materials, and training.

    Take the Next Step
    Contact us today by calling (720) 228-4025 or emailing We’re ready to help you and your organization prepare for the next generation of VSTS!

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    New Specs for TFS "Rosario" Posted


    If you didn't know, the smart product guys working on "Rosario" have been releasing specs online for public feedback (the specs page is here).  They recently released 3 new specs for review and feedback:

  • Codename “TFS Bug Submission Portal” Power Tool for Team Foundation Server 2008
  • Send Mail from TFS
  • Core Linking Work Item Tracking
  • Take a peek!

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    White Paper: Team System and Requirements Management


    Man, have I received some flak for not posting about this earlier.. So here you go:

    This white paper outlines how to use Visual Studio Team System for successful requirements management using Visual Studio Team System 2005 or Visual Studio Team System 2008. In addition, you can use this paper to learn about some of the challenges that Microsoft intends to address in the next release: Visual Studio Team System code name “Rosario.”

    The download page is here, or you can download the various formats of the paper directly:  XPS | PDF | DOCX

    It's actually a well-done document that explains the current state of handling requirements in Team System, as well as what is planned for the future, i.e. "Rosario".

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    Wanna Chat with the Team System Team?


    Please join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Team Foundation Server, Team Suite, Architecture Edition, Development Edition, Database Edition, and Test Edition. In addition, discuss what's new, problems you may be having, guidance for current projects or suggestions for the team going forward.

    Add to Calendar

    April 9, 2008
    10:00 A.M. Pacific Time
    Additional Time Zones

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    Need your Zune Fixed? Great experience!


    Zune (from the Zune.Net site)So I have one of the new Zunes - 8GB black one to be exact.  I bought it a few months ago.  About 3 weeks ago it just died.. dead in the water, no power, no button response, no reset/reboot, nothing.  Great, now what?  I decided to call the Zune support line to see if there was anything that could be done beside buying another one.

    After answering a slew of questions (when did I buy it, where, did I drop it in water, etc.), I was actually told I could get it repaired or replaced by the Zune repair center.  Good news, but how long would this take?

    I'm happy to report that it really didn't take that long at all!  I received a pre-paid FedEx box within a few days, put my dead Zune in and shipped it away, and just got it back this morning (it was a replacement).  Total time:  just over 2 weeks from the time I called support to the time I received a working Zune.

    So if you run into the same problem I have, I highly recommend giving the support line a call.  Just make sure to register your Zune online first (they'll do it for you over the phone, but will take longer).

    I've dealt with appliance repair and cable service that's slower than that.  Way to go, Zune guys!

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    NuCon Denver - 2008


    WHEN:  Tuesday, March 4th 2008 8:30am-5:00pm (Breakfast and lunch will be provided)

    WHERE:  The Cable Center 2000 Buchtel Blvd. Denver, CO 80210
    COST:  $75 per person Includes sessions, attendee bag, t-shirt, breakfast, lunch and raffle tickets

    Three Dynamic Tracks:

    • Visual Studio 2008
      LINQ • ADO.NET • Silverlight • Team Foundation Server
    • SQL 2008
      Enterprise Data Platform Model • Beyond Relational • Pervasive BI • Dynamic Development
    • IO
      An Overview of the Microsoft IO • Business Productivity Optimization • Application Platform Optimization • Looking at IO Enablers

    For more details, check out

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    ..from Delta Airlines.  At least someone understands the kinds of things that frequent travelers have to endure!

    Here's a sample:

    All the videos are posted here, or you can also see them on Delta's blog site.

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    Bill G's Last Day at Microsoft


    Aired during his keynote at CES:

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    Heroes Happen Here - Get Ready for the Launch



    Check out the 2008 Launch site, Heroes Happen Here!

    Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008 provide a secure and trusted platform for creating and running your most demanding applications. Combined, the products provide a solid foundation for next-generation web applications, broad support for virtualization technology, and access to relevant information. Advanced security technology, developer support for the latest platforms, improved management and web tools, flexible virtualization solutions, and access to relevant information from throughout your organization enable you to drive your business forward.

    Focus on Visual Studio 2008

    Visual Studio 2008 delivers on Microsoft's vision of enabling developers and development teams to rapidly create connected applications with compelling user experiences for Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, mobile devices and the Web. With the release of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, Microsoft is taking a leap forward on its promise to enable developers to harness this next wave of innovation.

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    Come See ' The Big Event'


    Announcing 'The Big Event'

    Do you miss the old Dev Days events? Do you wish that you could attend a TechEd or PDC, but don’t have the time or budget to get to one? Well the Big Event is for you. Come spend a day with us as we delve into developer and architect topics during the day. With a mix of some your favorite local presenters as well as some from Redmond.

    The day will begin with a keynote from the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team. Peter Provost, a senior development lead from P&P will join us to discuss what P&P has delivered and how you can get started with their guidance.

    The day's events will cater toward both developers and architects, with tracks accommodating both audiences. For developers, Rob Bagby will discuss exposing and consuming data using the Microsoft stack. He'll explore new data services frameworks for developers to exploit. Developers will also be able to learn how to use Office as a developer platform and realize the power of integrating functionality within Office applications themselves, using managed code! We've also brought in VB developer extraordinaire Beth Massi from the VB team to talk about what is new in VB9 for developers and some surprises you might not have known about. This line-up is must see!

    The architect track will examine topics such as why user experience matters. Discussions around why we should be paying more attention to the user interface and what mistakes inhibit application adoption. Peter Provost from P&P will also discuss Agile Development methodologies at Microsoft and how it has been adopted. Finally the Live Platform will be examined. Live is much more than search and Virtual Earth...this session will examine the whole Live platform offerings available to architects.

    This really is going to be a great day of interaction!

    The event is completely free to attend for anyone (registration is required). Details and registration link are below, we look forward to you attending!


    When: Thursday, January 31, 2008 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Where: Marriott DTC, 4900 S. Syracuse St, Denver Colorado 80237

    Registration is appreciated: Click here to register

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