January, 2005

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    Getting an exception call stack from the catch block (C++)

    This is my first post in this category so I am really looking forward to your comments :-) Today I would like to cover a specific feature related to our implementation of C++ exception handling. Every day I realize that not many people are familiar with...
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    A look at Windows Virtual Memory mechanisms (continuation of "A look at Virtual Address Space - VAS")

    As I promised last time here comes next post on memory J . Remember, my eventual goal is to reveal how memory management works in SQL Server but for you to really appreciate it, I think, you do need to get good feeling on how Windows manages memory. Understanding...
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    Tracking VAS in Yukon, cont...

    Some of you could have gotten bored with my previous post http://blogs.msdn.com/slavao/archive/2005/01/27/361678.aspx . Yea, I know that VAS subject was covered multiple times and by multiple authors in the past and you probably know about it more than...
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    A look at Virtual Address Space - VAS

    Memory is a set of common resources shared by applications, their components and operating system. One needs to be very specific when referring to a given memory resource. Mistakenly, in many cases, developers, users, DBAs refer to different memory resources...
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    Tracking VAS in Yukon

    When we started working on the next release of SQL Server, Yukon, we realized that supportability features are keys to our success. Eventually I am planning on covering ones that are related to low level "stuff", something that many of you, I know, really...
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