August, 2005

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    Q and A: Using Lock Pages In memory on 64 bit platform

    Q: Hello Slava, I would like to confirm my understanding that on SQL 2005 64 bit edition it is recommended to grant Lock Pages in Memory right to the SQL account and then turn on the AWE setting. Thanks A: Yes, we do recommend to turn on Lock pages...
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    SQL Server 2005 NUMA support & troubleshooting

    SQL Server 2005 has been designed to take advantage of NUMA features exposed by both hardware and the Windows operating system. There are several caveats that you need to be aware when attempting to run SQL Server on NUMA platforms. In this post...
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    Configuring SQL Server 2005 for Soft NUMA

    Sometimes I am surprised how issues come up the moment you mention them J . Recently, I have discussed Soft NUMA configurations in the article . This week one of our customers had an interesting problem...
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    Talking Points around Memory Manager in SQL Server 2005

    Yesterday I gave a talk around SQL Server 2005's memory manager. The talk was rather chalk talk. It included memory manager changes in SQL 2005 as well as changes post CTP15. For the talk I prepared several slides - basically talking points that I thought...
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