June, 2004

  • Stan Lippman's BLog

    Factor, Don't Complicate

    A reader asks the following question, Sender: bv re: A Question about Copy Constructors in C++/CLI Ok, i have a question. What happens if: suppose you want to make a shallow copy. Ex: ClassX obj(somePtr);//internally obj.m_ptr...
  • Stan Lippman's BLog

    Putting C++ and the CLI in Perspective

    A surprising thread that has emerged has to do with libraries. Here is an representative example, Sender: Dobes ===================================== re: Towards a Natural Theory of Programming Languages I also think that the survival...
  • Stan Lippman's BLog

    System::String -> std::string

    A reader asks, Sender: Erik Brendengen Is there an easy way to convert from String^ to std::string? Does String ^s = std::string( “bla”).c_str(); work the other way? This is a FAQ, one that I myself bumped into when I...
  • Stan Lippman's BLog

    A Question of Interopt

    A reader asks the following question, Sender: Richard Hsu Stan, Would you suggest, for those of us who are yet to begin learning MC++, to wait till C++/CLI ships, because we'll not only be learning what will be obsolete syntax, but also...
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