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This blog has been created by members of Silverlight for Windows Phone Performance team to convey best practices, tips and tricks for common performance issues on the phone. We'll discuss common pitfalls, platform bugs and any other issues we find

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  • Blog Post: WebClient change for Mango, how it impacts your application ?

    You, in this case is a developer who has published or will publish a Windows Phone 7.0/7.1 app. In WP7.0 we had recommended HttpWebRequest over WebClient in our ListBox scrolling post for WP7 . Reason for recommending that was, in WP7.0, if the developer created a WebClient request from background thread...
  • Blog Post: Listbox – ScrollViewer performance improvement for Mango and how it impacts your existing application?

    We have heard this over and over, having a smooth scrolling ListBox on Windows Phone is a core scenario. We received feedback on WP7 that the listbox scrolling experience for applications is not at par with the native applications on the phone, like Outlook. We absorbed all the feedback and optimized...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Performance Session at PDC!

    It's that time of year again - PDC 2010 kicks of tomorrow! Join the Silverlight Performance Team as we take you through the high level analysis of common performance issues that apps commonly run into. I'll be giving a live session titled "Optimizing Performance for Silverlight WP7 Apps" at 3:15pm (PDT...
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