Just an informal survey -- I use some of our tools all the time, some rarely.  I have my own nitpicks I'd like fixed and features I'd like to see added.  But there's no guarantee I see the world the way you do.  What are your opinions?

Here are some ideas of my own, to get the conversation started:

  • Remote regedit: Export/import data under a key.  Track and report changes under a key.
  • Remote performance monitor: More counters!
  • Kernel profiler: UI in the remote tools menu in addition to the on-device control we already have.
  • Remote kernel tracker... don't even get me started, I love this tool but have lots of features I want added.  What would YOU ask for?
  • Does anybody use Remote Heap Walker??
  • I'd say we need to add a memory visualization tool that shows you what parts of the VM space are used -- something like "mi full" from the target control window.
  • I also think we need to add a handle enumerator -- eg. to find out what file handles are open (and by whom), window handles, etc.

Tell me what you think is most important!  What's the #1 debugging tool you wish you had?  What's the #1 feature our existing tools are missing?